In our experience, without calling customers directly, it's rare to get more than a 30% response to a recall notification.  If the recall impacts older devices and/or your customer data isn't current and accurate, the challenge becomes even greater. Our proven approach to customer engagement has consistently resulted in high response rates and a lower percentage of non-responsive customers and devices not found.


Medical Device Recall Support

We understand the complexities of how providers and hospitals operate in terms of ownership, responsibilities, and equipment service arrangements, which helps us connect with the right stakeholders quickly.  A dedicated customer-facing team focused on making the field action process and better experience for customers.

Depending on the type of recall, the customer engagement process is ripe for errors and miscommunication - from alerting customers, validating installed devices, coordinating the shipping of parts needed for remediation, and then following up for required completion documentation is made even more challenging. 

The foundation of our success is a centralized database “hub” for all customer and 3rd party interactions, which increases visibility of responses and progress, reduces the chances of miscommunication, and enables meticulous record-keeping in the event of regulatory investigations or litigation. All customer response forms, emails, and files are logged making it very easy to track every touch point and response across recalls and customers.

Our 2023 Stats


Made over 16,000 phone calls to hospitals and ambulatory sites.


Logged over 45,000 customer activities.  


Identified thousands of devices that have been moved to a new location, scrapped, traded, or sold.  


Added over 6000 Biomed and Clinical contacts to our growing database of roughly 30,000 healthcare contacts at hospitals and ambulatory sites nationwide.  

Device Recall Customer Management as a Service

We care about your customers as much as you do.